The crop-top trend.

When the crop-top trend first hit the fashion scene, I thought I could never wear it for various reasons. For one, I felt quite uncomfortable with the idea of exposing my midriff region to the entire world. I mean I’m already 30 and counting (call me conservative or whatever). But I felt it quite inappropriate for me to go about wearing a crop-top. In my opinion, the whole idea of wearing a crop-top seemed well suited for a teenager rather than a 30 something year-old. But being the fashion lover that I am, I didn’t want to discard the trend altogether. I felt I owed it to myself to give it a go and consider the different styling options available to crop-tops. I thought I would try it out to make the crop-top trend more tasteful for me. So I went out and bought myself a blue crop-top. At first I struggled to find suitable styling options to pair with my newly purchased item. But then it hit me (a kind of eureka moment), I was going about it all wrong. I needed to find a suitable crop-top for my body type (I’m what fashion experts consider a pear-shaped body type) and one that would suit my needs. At this, I decided to get a crop-top tailor-made, using African print fabric. I would pair the crop-top with a high-waisted skirt (using the same material) and the top would end, just where the skirt started (showing no midriff skin). And voilà that worked for me! And the gorgeous lady inserted in the post below.

An important lesson that I learned from the crop-top trend is that don’t dismiss something just because it doesn’t seem to work for you. Try to adapt it into an option that suits your lifestyle, taste and needs. And that’s the valuable lesson I learnt from the crop-top trend.

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