Calling All Lovers

Calling all Lovers

Tamar Braxton’s long awaited album “Calling all lovers” has finally been released. The album which she calls “part two” to her previous album “Love and War” was released on 2 October 2015 and is all about the four letter word L-O-V-E. The album definitely appeals to everyone despite where you are in your love journey—there is a song that speaks to you. From the song King (which is about your partner being your King and you standing by him) to Coming home, (which is about a love that seems somewhat lost), I think everyone will find a song that they can relate to and speaks to the heart. Tamar Braxton’s album was inspired by her past love experiences, which if I am to go by the songs in the album, definitely went through some ups and downs as well as highs and lows. Braxton has publicly talked about her past difficult relationships which inspired “Calling All Lovers”.

The album falls into the RnB genre and speaks to all lovers and those who love to love (so to speak). I think what I really like about the songs in the album is how she brings words to life through her songs. She manages to bring alive many experiences that people in love go through but can’t quite articulate it into words, yet alone express in a song. And might I add that she hits all those high notes to T. Her voice is clear which makes it easy to listen to, and perfect for humming and singing along to.

After listening to both” Love and War” and “Calling All Lovers”, I came to the conclusion that Tamar Braxton is an extremely talented artist who is extremely underrated and not given enough recognition. But she has once again proven her talent true with “Calling all Lovers”.


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